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Henry R. Kravis Institute Teaches Students Leadership

Henry R. Kravis Institute Teaches Students Leadership

In 2013, Olympic Gold Medalist and Right to Play founder Johann Olav Koss received the Henry R. Kravis Prize in Leadership. Then in 2014, the Kravis Leadership Institute was so inspired by Koss that it was determined to bring him back to speak with the Claremont Mudd-Scripps athletes and coaches.

Right to Play is a global organization founded in 2000 that uses the power of sports and games to…

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Ideas For Going Green in the Classroom

Ideas For Going #Green in the #Classroom

With Earth Day upon us on April 22nd, there are many ways you can make it both fun and informative. Helping children develop a connection to the ecosystem is critical in today’s age. It’s both about learning and experiencing, and with new tools to help teachers ‘go green’ in the classroom, it’s the perfect opportunity to educate about the environment. There are many ways and suggestions to have…

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Study Habits of Highly Successful College Students

Study Habits of Highly Successful College Students

It’s that time of year again! Students have been accepted to colleges and are making the tough decisions of what they want to do and where they want to do it. Leaving high school behind and venturing into a world where one independent and accountable for the majority of their own studying and assignments, here are some positive study habits for new students:

  1. Go to class! It might seem obvious,…

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Free College Tuition Likely to Pass in Tennessee

Free College Tuition Likely to Pass in Tennessee

In Nashville, Tennessee, Governor Bill Haslam’s proposal for a program that would cover full costs for high school graduates to attend a two-year college looks likely to pass legislation. The ‘Tennessee Promise’ is a plan to improve the current 32% graduation rate up to 55% by 2025 in a bid to improve qualified job applicants and attract employers to the state.

Any high school graduate from any…

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Common Core

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of #CommonCore #Education

The Common Core, for those of you unaware, is a set of “standards”, skills and requirements children need to understand by the end of the school year. From a Common Core website, it describes it as “learning goals to help prepare students for college, career and life.”

Common Core has been voluntarily implemented in all but five states, and it is not mandatory federal law. Education is locally…

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Unionizing The Players: The NCAA In Trouble

Unionizing The Players: The NCAA In Trouble

It’s a ruling that could shake apart a billion dollar foundation in the sports business.  On Sunday, the National Labor Relations Board allowed Northwestern University football players to unionize, in what many are calling the latest threat to the model of not paying athletes in college sports. If student-players are financially compensated, they might require sponsorships from colleges higher…

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No ‘No’s on the Playground? How One Principal Is Breaking the Rules

No ‘No’s on the Playground? How One Principal Is Breaking the Rules

An unconventional approach to today’s modern average is making waves around the world. A New Zealand principal in charge of 500 students in Auckland has started breaking the shackles of playground rules that the administration had installed, once citing student safety as the reason.

But Principal Bruce Mclachlan has stopped the admonishments on the playground, allowing students to use sticks as…

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Buddhist Monks at Western Universities

Buddhist Monks at Western Universities

Emory University has received a grant of $1 million from the Dalai Lama Trust to continue to support the endowment fund of The Robert A. Paul Emory-Tibet Science Initiative. This allowance will help fund a six-year science curriculum, that includes video libraries and dozens of textbooks taught by Emory.

Buddhist monks have been going to study science at Western universitiesin order to create a…

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Support Falling for Common Core Curriculum in Indiana

Support Falling for Common Core Curriculum in Indiana

Skepticism surrounding the Common Core Curriculum has grown in the past few months, but no state had decided to forgo the curriculum and pull out of the program – until now.

Last month the Indiana State Senate voted 36-12 to advance a bill that would void all Common Core Curriculum standards, and the anti-Common Core stance is gaining traction as more Republican politicians find fault with the…

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